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- New book by Christer Bergström -

The Ardennes Offensive 1944-1945

Christer Bergström's new book on the Battle of the Bulge has been published in English

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The Ardennes 1944-1945: Hitler's Winter Offensive

Over 500 pages, large size, hard cover, over 400 illustrations - many never previously published. Astonishing new facts about the Ardennes Battle will be revealed! This is a book on top of everything previously written on the Battle of the Bulge!


The Swedish edition was printed in 3,000 copies in late August 2013, and was sold out in six months. A second Swedish edition of 2,000 copies has now been printed.

* Reveals the true, hidden facts about the Ardennes Battle in the winter of 1944-1945

* 500 pages, large size, builds on the latest research in archives

Some reviews on the Swedish edition:

"A true milestone"... Lars Gyllenhaal, military historian and member of the Swedish Military History Committee.

"This will become a work of reference... Christer Bergström's best book ever. Highly recommendable."... Martin Månsson, military historian and writer.

"I have never read such a good book on the Second World War."... Lars Navander, Lieutenant Colonel and former Intelligence Officer at the Headquarters.

"Christer Bergström's book is a brilliant, well-written and throurough-going account of one of the decisive battles of the Second World War."...From Swedish Library Service's review of Ardennerna 1944-1945: Hitlers vinteroffensiv. Reviewer: Tord Rönnholm.

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